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Mudzi District Project Update

The district has to date completed the assessment of water points to be repaired. This has seen 60 boreholes being identified. The repair of these water points is in progress. To date 19 water points have been repaired with their headworks.


The district has also witnessed 7 EHTs being refresher trained on COVID-19, PHHE, PSEA and GBV. These have since cascaded this training to 30 VHW that includes 18 women and 12 men. These have further disseminated the trainings to their respective villages as well.

51 Water Point Committees out of the targeted total of 60 water points were trained. The refresher course was vital as it has seen most water points updating their constitutions to comply with the prevailing standards in the country.



The district has also distributed Non Food Items to the vulnerable households in a bid to prevent the spread of the corona virus amongst such people. This has seen 1 112 households benefiting from the package that includes a bucket with a tap, jerry can, 2 bars soap, 10 strips of aqua tablets and IEC material.

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