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Community Health Club - Mudzi

The Community health club is a vehicle that empowers the community to play an active role in deciding and implementing issues related to their health. The Club also affords the members the opportunity to become ‘Agents of Change’ who carry home and translate into action healthy habits and information they learn at the club and in this way influence others.The focus of the club is primarily on the health of the community with emphasis on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).


Takurira Nhamo Community Health Club-Mudzi District


Tucked away in the terrains of Mudzi District is Takurira Nhamo community health club led by a group of committed men and women. This is a rare situation where you also find men willing to devote some time and participate in dramas, songs and poems that have something to do with their wellbeing and health. Thanks to the WASH program by Christian Care the situation seems to have improved and the district has more than one health club who teach the communities on the importance of preventing COVID-19, typhoid, cholera, Malaria, good hygiene and sanitation among other topics. The communities have learnt to treat water, wash their hands and cover their faces with face masks in this Covid-19 era. The WASH program has taught communities and schools to have vibrant health clubs which will help in eradicating diseases if communities come together.Having these clubs have also improved installation of tippy taps(handwashing facilities )at many designated points and also spreading messages on good hygiene practices and Covid 19 preventive measures.

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