Based on the contextual and historical analysis and stakeholder consultation Christian Care has identified the following needs: increase in household production, promoting consumption of nutritious foods like legumes and small livestock, increase of household income, caused by climate change, successive draughts, poor farming methods, poverty, economic hardships and land degradation. Christian Care intends to address these needs by building the capacities of farmers, government extension workers and other stakeholders in best and appropriate farming techniques to increase productivity. It also intends to promote the production and consumption of nutritious foods such as legumes, traditional foods, climate-smart crops and small livestock as well as link farmers to markets and develop their capacities to organise themselves into production and marketing groups. Livestock keeping is important for nutritional security and soil fertility management. The main assumptions underpinning the successful achievement of the outputs under the Food and Nutrition Security and Value Chain Development KRA are that: funding will remain stable or improve; farmers will continue to be interested in improving their agricultural land and practices as well as in widening the range of crops that they grow under rain-fed and horticultural production. The assumptions that are associated with the intermediate outcomes are that most farmers will adopt the promoted practices and farmers that we have supported in the past will continue to produce using the acquired range of skills. Other assumptions include normal range during most of the seasons, good domestic markets for produce and continued quality relationships with local authorities and agricultural departments. The achievement of the long term goal will be enabled by a stable political and economic environment.

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Christian Care is an arm of the churches called to witness the presence of God among the poor and disadvantaged who are burdened by oppression, poverty, ill health, lack of freedom or knowledge to make sustainable life supporting choices.

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